The different swimming strokes

If you’re into swimming, you know that there are different strokes. All these different swimming strokes usually have the advantage of their own. Most of the swimming classes make it a point that the student gets to expertise in maximum of the strokes. Some of the most common strokes include freestyle stroke, breast stroke, back stroke and more. The swimming competitions too set up an initial level that require the competing contestants to have full control over the strokes. The excellency in strokes is usually used to determine the excellence of child in swimming.

Freestyle stroke

The freestyle stroke is also referred to as the front crawl. Most of the amateur swimmers prefer opting for this method in order to complete the technique. This is also because it is pretty easy to carry out. You just need to move your arms alternatingly above the water surface. As far as legs are concerned, you need to carry out the flutter kicks. This method is usually used in triathlons for swimming.


As far as popularity is concerned, the breaststroke happens to be the most popular one. In this case, you will need to move your hand in the half manner to carry out the movement. Also, you will need to swim underwater to move at a rapid speed. For legs, you need to carry out whip kicks.

Butterfly stroke

This is usually used in the competitive standards because of its extreme popularity and unique technique. The arm needs to move in the symmetrical position carrying out the water recovery. For kick, the dolphin kick is involved and the wave-like body movements are carried out.

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