Effective parenting made possible

Being busy is no excuse to avoid taking care of =the children. Though most parents give their best in taking care of their children, they might sometimes fail to monitor the studies of the children especially when they are in the lower classes. You can attribute this to the busy schedules or lack of count of the examinations that are being held at the school.  Not being able to monitor the exams and the child’s progress in the exams may lead to the development of many undesirable habits in the children in the form of hiding the results of the exams in which they have fared badly, emulating the signature of the parent so on and so forth. Thanks to http://saps.net.my, parents can view the results and also monitor the performance of their ward in the exams conducted in the schools at a time that is convenient for them.

With almost all parents who are knowledgeable and quite adept in using the net, the education system too, has been modified to use this technological development in a beneficial way. The Parent Saps system is one such effort or initiative by the government of Malaysia, especially the Department of Education to facilitate the parents to monitor as well as take the right step towards ensuring the academic excellence of the child. The first step towards which is to get the entire results of the exams taken up by the child at the click of the button this will help in comparing the results and also initiating corrective action that might be required.

The parent Saps system is loaded with features such as quick loading time, safe use without fear of being attacked by hackers due to constant upgradation of the system, ease in use across different devices and platforms, accessibility only after strict ID check. The system also generates achievement positions in the class, the average grade as well as the grade by each individual subject that makes it possible for a thorough analysis to help the student progress in the right direction with parental guidance.